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WILSON Blade 98 18×20 V9 Tennis Racquet



Wilson’s Blade performance racquets, boasting nearly two decades of dominance, maintain their status as the top choice for dedicated competitors seeking unparalleled control, feel, and stability. The Blade 98 (18×20) V9 epitomizes this legacy with its refined design, offering a sharper and more stable response that fosters a heightened sense of connection to the ball. Enhanced with a striking Emerald Night matte finish, the V9 showcases a meticulously crafted construction, incorporating a braided graphite + basalt frame and a DirectConnect carbon fiber handle. These elements work synergistically to amplify torsional stability, empowering players with precise and controlled shots that resonate with unparalleled responsiveness. The Blade 98 (18×20) V9’s open string pattern complements its design, ensuring a forgiving yet consistent performance that facilitates spin-friendly shots. This combination of innovative engineering and meticulous craftsmanship elevates the Blade 98 (18×20) V9 to the pinnacle of tennis racquet excellence, setting a new standard for players who demand nothing short of perfection in their pursuit of on-court mastery.


  • BRAIDED GRAPHITE + BASALT: Combining braided graphite with basalt in racquet construction yields a material synergy that enhances elasticity, reactivity, durability, and resilience, thereby revolutionizing racket performance. This innovative blend significantly improves the racket’s flex, facilitating increased ball contact with the strings, leading to a heightened feel and superior control for players. By harnessing the strength and flexibility of these materials, racket manufacturers create products capable of withstanding intense gameplay while maintaining responsiveness over time. This pivotal advancement promises to elevate the game for players at all levels, offering consistent performance match after match and establishing the combination of braided graphite and basalt as a game-changer in the world of tennis equipment.
  • PARALLEL DRILLING: Parallel drilling, a groundbreaking technique within grommet construction, is revolutionizing tennis racquet performance by aligning grommet holes in a parallel configuration, optimizing string bed response for unparalleled consistency and forgiveness upon impact. This innovation dramatically expands the racquet’s sweet spot, mitigating the effects of off-center hits and instilling enhanced player confidence and precision on the court. With heightened stability and a broader margin for error, players can unleash powerful serves and execute precise groundstrokes with newfound assurance. Beyond mere mechanical refinement, the synergy between parallel drilling and grommet construction transforms the player’s experience, empowering them to push the boundaries of their shots and experiment with angles and power without sacrificing control. This transformative technology fosters a symbiotic relationship between innovation and skill, reshaping the landscape of tennis play and establishing new benchmarks for excellence where every fraction of an inch and millisecond counts.
  • FORTY-FIVE: FORTYFIVE revolutionizes tennis racquet design with its patented frame layup, engineered to heighten the player’s connection to the ball. This cutting-edge construction not only enhances the feel but also seamlessly aligns with the contemporary vertical swing path favored by modern players. The result is a racquet that not only feels natural in the hand but also maximizes the efficiency and precision of each stroke. Moreover, FORTY FIVE incorporates advanced materials that strike a perfect balance between flexibility and stability, ensuring that players can unleash their full potential without compromise. Whether executing powerful serves or delicate volleys, this racquet maintains its responsiveness throughout the entire swing, empowering players to dominate the court with confidence and finesse.
  • TOP GRIP TAPER: The top grip taper revolutionizes racket design, especially for two-handed backhand enthusiasts, through its gradual reduction in grip circumference towards the handle’s top. This innovation fosters a seamless and instinctive alignment of the dominant hand, refining control over shots, crucial for executing the nuanced maneuvers of the two-handed backhand. With enhanced precision and feel, players experience heightened consistency and power in their strokes. This design optimization ensures optimal grip positioning, bolstering confidence and accuracy even in high-pressure scenarios, epitomizing a fusion of thoughtful design and practical functionality tailored to the evolving needs of contemporary tennis players striving for peak performance.
  • DIRECT-CONNECT: The DIRECT-CONNECT innovation heralds a transformative shift in handle design, seamlessly fusing carbon fiber technology to redefine performance optimization. Through meticulous craftsmanship, the carbon fiber handle seamlessly extends to merge with the end cap, creating a unified structure that revolutionizes the player’s engagement. This integration not only heightens tactile sensation, fostering an instinctive connection between player and equipment, but also bolsters torsional stability, ensuring superior control and accuracy in every motion. Leveraging the advanced properties of carbon fiber, this breakthrough sets a new standard in sporting equipment, emboldening athletes to unleash their full potential with unwavering confidence. The synergy between the carbon fiber handle and end cap epitomizes a new era of engineering excellence, minimizing energy loss and maximizing power transfer for unparalleled responsiveness and precision. Whether in the hands of a professional athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, the DIRECT-CONNECT system redefines handling technology, propelling sports performance into a future defined by finesse and mastery.
  • STABLE FEEL: The latest innovation in tennis technology- Engineered to elevate the game of avid players, this advancement offers unparalleled stability and connectivity to the ball, revolutionizing the player’s experience on the court with its enhanced, firmer feel. With precision engineering and meticulous design, every shot is met with confidence and control, empowering players to reach new heights of performance. Designed for passionate tennis enthusiasts, the sharper Blade provides the ultimate tool to refine skills and dominate the game, whether perfecting a backhand or unleashing a powerful serve. Experience the difference, elevate your game, and embrace the power of precision with the Blade’s new blade technology.
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