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Shuttle Cock  RSL No-3

Shuttle Cock RSL No-3

৳ 1,990.00
1 Dozen Pack
1 Doz Boz
1 Dozen Pack YONEX AEROSENSA shuttlecocks are the official shuttlecock for the world’s leading international tournaments. The precisely engineered technology…
Brand: Kawasaki Model: K063 Color: Red & White Upper: PU Leather, Multi layer Breathable Mesh Mid-sole: High Elastic EVA +…
Brand: Taan Model: TW090 Length: 1100mm Width: 25mm Thickness:1.6mm
Brand: Taan Model: TW 500s Length: 1100mm Width: 26mm Thickness: 0.75mm
Brand: Taan Model: TG058 Length: 1100mm Width: 26mm Thickness:1.50mm
Brand: Taan Model: TG086 Length: 1100mm Width: 25mm Thickness:1.6mm
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